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Marketing Specialist (Gaming Industry)

Responsibilities include:

  • Support with the development of brand positioning, overall strategy, target audiences, and key tools in a way that drives metrics and promotes overall strength of the brand.
  • Become the brand’s main point of contact for all internal and external teams by building a full and in-depth understanding of the brand’s mission, products, capabilities, connections, history, and goals.
  • Research and communicate the best SEO keywords to optimize leads, rank in the top of the search queries, and create conversion.
  • Measure weekly metrics to ensure the most effective keywords are being used to fulfill the budget

Public Relations:

  • Develop a short and long-term PR strategy to build relationships between the brand and its consumers.
  • Find, setup/execute, and attend trade shows that best enhance the overall PR strategy.
  • Attend industry events (E-Sports tournaments, gaming conventions, etc.) and build relationships with professionals in the industry

Creative Development:

  • Brainstorm and write brand/product copy that speaks clearly and effectively to target audiences and generates conversion.
  • Assist with email campaigns, marketing campaigns, and website content as needed.
  • Write blog posts to generate buzz and keep the audience up-to-date with the brand.

Social Media:

  • Help to develop and maintain social media strategies and content that maximizes impressions, awareness, and growth, and conversion.
  • Remain up-to-date with current industry trends to generate conversation and maintain the brand’s relevancy.
  • Communicate with followers in a way that they understand and relate to on a gamer level.


  • Support customer service in answering questions relating to connections, control panels, etc.
  • Communicate with the sales team to ensure all goals are being met and
  • Use your knowledge of the industry to assist the product development team in designing up-and-coming products
  • Collaborate with influencers and endorsers that represent the brand respectably and effectively.

Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Communications, or related field.
Minimum 2 years of experience in similar role
Ability to create and maintain social media, PR, and overall brand strategies
Must have a strong understanding of the gaming industry (PC, Console, Mobile, gamers preferred, etc.)
Must be passionate about gaming
Strong written and oral communication skills

Desired Experience:
Experience in SEO, web development, and AdWords (preferred)
Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop



Although we currently have no positions available, check back often. We update them monthly!